Today in the city Dos Palos 24.04.2018
Disney World employees share the 7 things they wish park-goers would stop doing

Walt Disney World employees, also known as cast members, are trained in the art of creating a positive experience for guests. But some visitors to the famed Orlando park don't make things easy for the...

Meet MATEO: The New York Jewelry Brand Doing Big Business With Affordable Luxury

MATEO New York is a quintessentially New York brand beginning global modernity and sleek design to people the world over. talked with Matthew Harris for more on how the brand toting signatu...

Hero Southwest pilot speaks out: 'We were simply doing our jobs'

The Southwest Airlines pilot and first officer who safely made an emergency landing at a Pennsylvania airport Tuesday after one of the plane's engine blew mid-flight said their heroic actions were the...

Stop what you're doing and watch this teen's perfect rendition of Beyoncé's Coachella dance routine

Brianna Bundick-Kelly, aka Briyonce, is a master at replicating Beyoncé's dance routines. The Virginia State University freshman teaches herself Beyoncé's choreography and posts the videos online  — a...

10 things you're doing that are pushing your partner away

Relationship behaviors like texting your partner continuously may seem normal, but they can be detrimental to your union. Though it’s often said that your partner cannot "read your mind," man...

NASA Kepler's Scientists Are Doing What Seems Impossible: Turning Pixels Into Planets

Imagine looking at one saturated pixel for years on end, and somehow learning what worlds live around it. That's what science is for!

Sega Is Doing A Better Job With Classic Games On The Switch Than Nintendo Is

Sega is bringing some classic games to to the Switch, leading me to wonder just where Nintendo is at with this whole thing.

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